Hack the Planet: Interview with Darknet & Tactera Developer E. McNeill

E. McNeill gives us some insight on his projects Darknet and Tactera.

Let’s take it back to the simpler days, when neon colored shirts and badly directed instructions videos for Windows were a thing. The 90s have been revived in game form – specifically the incredible cyberspace scenes from the movies of the era. We interviewed independent developer E. McNeill about his game Darknet, which was one of the first apps when the original Oculus Rift hit the market, at PAX PRIME 2015. In this Tron, Hackers, and Johnny Mnemonic inspired game, players will use various viruses, worms, and exploits to hack funds in the abstract world of cyberspace.

We also got a look at Tactera, a tabletop RTS with head tracking motions that give you a feeling of immersion that can’t be matched. Though only in the early phase, Tactera will be the next project in the indie developer’s schedule. Come check out what Hollywood was trying to envision when “Cyberspace” hit the script.

Andres Mirandes
Andres Mirandes
Andres Mirandes


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