Interviews with Motiga Staff on Gigantic’s Community and Artwork

Motiga staff talks community coaching and art design of Gigantic.

Gigantic made a big splash at PAX Prime 2015 as it enters into the realm of competitive team play. MASH was able to catch up with Motiga, the developer of Gigantic, and check out what experience lies behind the uniquely designed game. We cornered Ben “kerupt” Mcrill from the Motiga Game Community Team and interviewed him about their expectations and goals in competitive play with Gigantic. What is a Community Coach? What do they do for the community?

Motiga started the Community Coach Initiative as a way to reach out to the community that has formed over time following the game’s announcement. Looking to start a competitive scene with grassroots at its core, they are the middle-man between the fans and developer. Listen in to hear about the new approach Motiga is taking on MOBAs with the beautifully rendered Gigantic.

As a bonus, we also got to catch up with two members of the art team, Devon and Joe. Listen to the interview to get some insight into the beautiful design of Gigantic and what it’s like to work as an artist in the games industry. They also talk a bit about how they like to play Gigantic and their favorite characters.

Andres Mirandes
Andres Mirandes
Andres Mirandes


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