Dropping Spicy 1v1 Platform Challenge

On August 22nd Dropping Spicy will be hosting a 1v1 community challenge! This will be a single elimination style bracket where competitors will duel 1v1 on the training ground. Whoever knocks the other competitor out two out of three rounds will be deemed the winner and move on to the next match. Each platform (PC, PS4, and XBox One/S/X) will have it’s own bracket and own host. Here are some extra details:

Time: TBA by Host (Time may vary)


PC: Krazy
PS4: Geo
Xbox: Kurabara


1. Punching Match w/ No Shields or Heals (best of 3) 2. Same Gun Match w/ Blue Shields and No Heals (best of 3)


1. Sign up by 8/20/2020 for the platform you wish to play on by sending your gamertag to the hosts via DM on Discord.

2. Show up where the host determines on time (will be disqualified if a no show).

3. Must play with controller on console, just to be fair since the majority use controller. May play both controller or keyboard/mouse on PC.

4. Keep a great attitude during the event.

Join us at the Mash Those Buttons Discord at mash.gg/discord.


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