This week on Clan of Three we cover the Season Finale of The Mandalorian Chapter 16: The Rescue. In Act 1 we talk about the exciting pursuit Slave 1 give to an Imperial cruiser, the brawl between Boba and Koska, the plan to get to Gideon’s ship, and crashing onto Gideon’s ship as well as some plot holes. In Act 2 we cover the exciting distraction Bo-Katan and gang give the poor storm troopers. We also talk about Mando getting his butt kicked by Dark Troopers. Afterwards, we talk about the rough but still effective sword style of Gideons Darksaber use again Mandos Beskar Spear. In act 3 we cover the reunion and departure of Grogu and Mando, the appearance of a lone Jedi with a familiar glove and green lightsaber. We finish off with a post-credit scene showing where Boba is up to next.


Kurt Smith

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