Dropping Spicy #47: Apex Legends Season 5 Fortunes Favor Patch Notes

May 13th, 2020

The time has finally come. Apex Legends Season 5 and boy is it a meaty drop. But before that want to let you know that this Saturday is the 1 year anniversary of Dropping Spicy as well as Edanars Birthday. Planning to have a live stream of us watching a Goofy Movie. Now in this week’s episode we go over the newest legends to the game Loba how her abilities work and whether she is broke or not. We then move on to completely revamped Kings Canyon and its new areas. Talk about the introduction of the new Broke ghost quest without any spoilers. Kurabara talks about his ups and downs with the reconnect feature. We spend a long portion of the show talking about all the updates brought with the new patch notes, such as Mirage rework, legend buffs and nerfs, Weapon balances, Quality of life changes, and bugs.


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