Battlefield Bad Company 2 [Review]

Hey, its your friendly neighborhood gamer critic “r3c0iL” in the house!  I will be reviewing Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BC2) both single-player, and multi-player for all you awesome gamers out there!!  By the way I would just like to state that I know this game has been out for awhile, but it takes much time and effort to put forth a review for different products for us at this time.  If you can bear with me I will get down to business!  On our first agenda is the review of single-player!

Single Player Review

We start out on our adventure through single-player during the times of World War 2.  The Allies have sent a group of elite commandos into Japan to uncover the likes of a scalar weapon named “The Black Weapon.”  The commandos secure the Japanese scientist and escape via submarine.  Unfortunately, they witness the deployment of the weapon and perish in a tsunami.   Fast forward to present day and you are part of a group of hilarious and elite commandos.  You will play as Preston Marlowe, a relatively new member, and will go into battle side-by-side with Terrence Sweetwater, George Haggard, and Sergeant Samuel Redford, behind enemy lines in Russia to uncover more information on the scalar weapon, both its history and currently location.

The single player campaign is definitely well made.  I played the game on “hardcore” as will many of you veteran gamers out there, and it was definitely worth playing.  The story will drew me in from the beginning with the demise of the commandos in Japan, but also I wanted to uncover the hidden weapons to add to the repertoire for killing the enemy.  The attention to detail for the levels was great, as was the attention to enemies.  The AI was well-made, and seemed to work together to take you out both with RPG’s (Rocket Propelled Grenades), and 40mm Grenade Launchers.  The levels are mostly linear with the ability to scour the large maps for hidden guns and M-COM stations.  The M-COM stations are communications used by the enemy, which you are able to destroy for each level of single-player.

Each level brings new content though to the story.  The ability to use the sniper rifles, grenade launchers, C4, and other weapons add great variety to attacking the enemy.  The single-player never had any gripes while playing, never crashed on me, and seemed to just be fluid throughout.  Also, the game provides great visuals when enemies are held behind cover or stationed in buildings.  The destructive environments in this game are amazing!  Being able to shoot 40mm grenades at the buildings your enemies occupy is just the tip of the iceberg.  Run through them with your tanks, destroy them with your helicopter, use your grenade launcher and anything else you can find to destroy these buildings!  Soon enough the whole level will be flat due to the destruction of war! OH YEAH!  I took some great videos for single-player and these will be available at the end of the review if anyone is interested in purchasing the game! I hope many of you will because the game itself is well-made and deserves to be added to the great listing of games brought to us over the Steam platform.

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Multi Player Review

The multi-player aspect of the game for PC is setup in four different variations.  They are:  Rush, Conquest, Squad Deathmatch, and Squad Rush.  The RUSH is about defending or destroying pairs of M-COM stations for as long as the attacking team’s tickets (Respawn/Reinforcements) hold out.  As M-COM stations are destroyed the map will open up forcing the defending team to push back, while the attacking team will have to wait a short time for the map to open.  CONQUEST is similar to RUSH but is more of capturing/controlling points on the map.  The more points you control, the larger the amount of “bleeding” of tickets will occur for the enemy reinforcements.  SQUAD DEATHMATCH is between two squads trying to kill each other and the first squad to a determined amount of kills wins!  SQUAD RUSH is played the same as RUSH, except the maps are smaller and there are only 2 M-COM stations.


Multi-player is definitely action packed to the gills during RUSH.  I would highly recommend that if you starting out, yo should do CONQUEST first and get used to each map for the gameplay, sniper spots, and certain strategic points or choke points on the maps.  CONQUEST will get you used to the different vehicles for each map, the different stationary guns, and also the strategies most veterans of the game use to gain tactical advantage on the battlefield.

Frank Nuqui
Frank Nuqui
Frank Nuqui

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