Singularity [Review]

The ability to manipulate Time has been humanities dream for centuries.  The ability to change the future is something that all individuals wish they could accomplish, even if it was just to change one mistake, it would forever change it so that the mistake would now be a success rather than a failure.

Singularity brings many different types of the FPS genre to fruition.  Usually a mix of different genres is a cause for concern and will bring forth a disaster of a game.  The game mixes different aspects of games like Time Shift, Dead Space, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, and Doom altogether into a solid game.

First, lets talk about the story which itself is pretty interesting on the premise of a certain historical event that forever changes the world.  There will come a time in the game where your choice will change the story for one of two different versions of the story.  Fortunately, I was able to get both variations, and I believe this will add to its replay value.

The families, animals, and natural habitat on the island are mutated after the explosion in 1955 due to the Singularity.  The element known as “E-99” is the main ingredient to allow for Time manipulation.  The device that will bring the game to another level is the Time Manipulation Device (TMD).  Although one would think you would be able to use the TMD on anything on the screen, this is not true and would require tremendous work upon the developer.  Instead, only those infused or exposed to “E-99” are able to be manipulated by the TMD.  Throughout the game their are time scars that will allow you to travel back and forth through time to achieve objectives.  The game also utilizes beginner problem solving skills for maps that require you to use the TMD at will.  The TMD will also need recharging as well as a collection of E-99 items.  Utilizing the device on inanimate objects rather than animate objects will reduce your use of the device.

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During the game you will come across items and weapons that will pop-up on your screen for a description of information and uses for the object.  The games weaponry is a bit outdated and unoriginal for the genre but are still fun to use.  The TMD is the one device you wish you could use all the time, but this is a plus because it would make the game less appealing  if you were able to overuse the device.

The game’s visuals are well made, and are noticed throughout the in-game clips, scenery, characters, weapons, and overall graphics.  The animations are well done, and kill shots are great to watch when sniping, using the TMD, and blasting all kinds of enemies to bits.  Also, the use of the TMD allows you to see the visual damage you can do to the enemy, or restoration of different objects.  The visuals are also seen with the constant flashbacks throughout portions of the game which bring out the story.

The game’s sound is definitely amazing.  The eerie music, sounds effects of enemies and surroundings bring this game to life.  The closer you are to the point of sound or how you turn your head will change the sound or effect accordingly. Using the constant hidden audio tapes, projector, and devices really bring out the sound for this game.

The controls are so easy for this game.  The game’s button layout is not overwhelming, and very simple.  The controls and animations for movement of your character are done well to allow for different combat positions.  Switching between weapons is pretty quick, which is needed for the different enemies that you will face throughout the game.

The game play is fun and addicting.  Especially when you get the weapon that utilizes your E-99 ammo for sniping enemies.  Shooting this weapon is loads of fun because you will utilize the bullet cam feature and actually control the movement of the bullet to kill your enemies.  Use of the TMD adds a different element to the game play because it can be used to handle objects to kill enemies, or be used to crush them to bits because of their exposure to E-99.

Utilizing all the different weapons and gadgets makes this game fun to play and watch as your enemies are disposed of with great visuals.  The Unreal Engine 3 was well utilized for this surprise game of 2010.  The game is not as fun or addicting as Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BC2), but the storyline is just as good and the game play for single-player is on-par with BC2.  The multiplayer for this game is not even close to the fun of BC2, but then again, BC2 was MADE for multiplayer.

Overall, the game is solid but the price tag of $49.99 on Steam is about on-par for this game overall.  With the use of the Unreal Engine 3 for visuals, sound, and game play, the game is worth its price for intriguing story line and well made use of the TMD.  The casual gamer will definitely like this game for its well rounded features, but may dislike the difficulty of the enemies, and few unoriginal weaponry.  Fortunately, the Pros outweigh the Cons of this game, and is sufficient to quench the appetite for the better games coming out this year.

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There used to be an embeded media player here, but it doesn't work anymore. We blame the Tumbeasts.

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Frank Nuqui
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