Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction

Sam Fisher's saga continues. How does is measure up with the rest of the series? Read here to find out.


The Splinter Cell franchise is one of my favorite series from Ubisoft.  The fond memories of taking out enemies with stealth from different angles and gadgets was always great.  On the other hand, this game definitely brings a new presence with a feature called “Execution.” Sam fisher is retired and is no longer apart of 3rd Echelon.  His daughter was slain by a drunk driver, or so you think.  It seems our hero is going to be thrown into this from the get go.  Before we move forward, I would just like to say that I had high hopes for this game before it came out, and we’ll know by the end of this, if it was worth it.

Here at MASH we will be doing reviews in a notebook type of format.  We felt that by breaking the game down into sessions and taking notes while playing the game for awhile we could get a REALLY good look at our feelings while playing and also after we were done.  At the end I will pull it altogether and let you know the score the game should finally have!

Session 01:

Ok so right of the bat, the video sequence is well made, and the voice acting was well done.  The in-game graphics seem to be well detailed. Has a nice realistic feel to it.  They are done well, but just expected better lip sync with voice overs.  The game starts off showing you how to maneuver between cover, but there is a new system to combat.  Hand to hand kills now enable execution manuevers for other enemies to take them out easily with great in-game cinema action.  Finished this part, well done Ubisoft.

Ive died a few times and noticed that the checkpoints are far in between.  The action though is awesome.  I love the execute feature.  It makes it worthwhile to sneak up on enemies instead of run and gun.  The gameplay is solid, but there could be better improvements to the controls, it needs some getting used to.  There seems to be little bits of frame loss when doing animations while ingame.  I wonder if this could be the system itself.

I love the way they put up the objective in big letters on this thing! Its hilarious!

So…what the hell was that?  The AI is dumb enough that they home in on my last position, and it was right next to me (my last position).  The AI was right behind to my left and shot at my last position but not at me??? Wow…way to go Ubisoft…

Haha…so I can execute through objects now too huh?!  This game is just full of ridiculous surprises!!

As you can tell my first session went by and I felt as though the game offered a great idea with the execution feature, but the AI was just DDDUUMMMBBB!!!  I mean honestly, it was just ridiculous how they go attack your last position but do not notice me right next to it??  It was weird.  Here comes the next session!


Session 02

I really do believe the execution is awesome.  It adds new flavor to just sneaking around.  It seems this is what makes the game great to play.  Graphics seem to be grainy and a bit choppy.  It doesn’t seem as smooth as it should; by the way, the AI is still pretty dumb.

The story line seems to be the only reason why I would like to finish this game.  Ive finished a couple of maps already. I used to love this series, but I don’t think the execute feature really even saves this game.  Honestly, the graphics need to be better, very grainy, frame loss, and it tries to do too much.

Still Amazing on how you can use the execute feature and kill enemies through walls…

Why the Hell is this game still going from Black and White to Color…this is annoying.

The start of this game was great…


So I felt that the execution feature still could not save this game from the grade I felt it should have by then.  But by the ending of this game, and the next feature I noticed, good news was starting to roll its way!

Frank Nuqui
Frank Nuqui
Frank Nuqui

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