Welcome back to Clan of Three. This week we will be talking about the Latest Mandalorian Episode, Chapter 11 The Heiress. In Act 1 we get to talk about Mando and Frog lady making it to the Water planet Trask, meet some Mon Calamari, Quarrens, a familiar-looking crane, and some local food. Act 2 we get to discuss the latest double-cross Mando faces, and an armored group wearing familiar helmets but don’t act how Mando expects. Act 3 covers the return to some familiar sounds and sites in an Imperial Freighter and the name drop of a favorite force user.


Kurt Smith

Podcast host of 4 different shows ranging from Apex to Overwatch. I mainly play PC games, but have been known to dabble into Madden from time to time.

Cory Treadway

Cory has been gaming ever since he fished an NES out of a trash can. A broad gamer who enjoys everything from FPS, Racing, RPGs, MMOS, RTS, World Building, Puzzles, Dating, Horror, Cooking, Sports. If its a game I will give it a try.

Jake Wilson

A gamer for over 30 years with a tendency to lean towards FPS and RPGs. While not gaming you\'ll find me digesting anything Sci-fi. Be it books, movies, or games, if it has to do with time travel I\'m in.

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