Evo Japan 2020 is over and the team is noticing a Leroy take over and the rise of some new champions. Mezza & Crashtag talk about a bit of smash in the fighters corner but focus a bit more on Arcsys Granblue Fantasy Versus game as the release is nearing. Crashtag dives into mortal kombats new combatant Joker as he laughs his enemies to death in a brutal way this time around.

Mesmerised by the new Mortal Kombat Legends animated movie trailer that just released the team takes a deeper insight into the film and some of its voice actors. Secrets of the internet spread as spawn leaks help generate more buzz in the air. Crash talks more indepeth about the future characters of Samurai Shodown and the new release of season 2 characters. Mezza talks heavily on the world tour of Soulcalibur 6 and the intriguing interview at Evo Japan 2020 that Kayane presented to the community.

Haoumaru was revealed and thoughts are a little spread across the community and even the podcasters. Tekken 7 gets overrun by Leroy but gets a hard patch right after one his biggest showings. Seth gets even more content for the brain as Capcom shows off another showcase of stolen moves. In the randoms of the FGC. Evo line up, Chaos Code new update and post Evo Japan thoughts.


Andres Mirandes

Video gaming runs in his blood and competition plagues his mind. From the earliest days in the now extinct arcades, to the eSports competitive scene, he looks forward to the next game to test his skills. No stranger to rising salt levels.

Jeremiah Ward

Got his start gaming with his two cousins and brother at his aunts house. They had to always play in secret, but he fell in love with fighting games when he got his first taste of an arcade in Maryland. Now looks to grow the community.

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