EVO 2017 syndrome has finally struck the Double Tap Team. CrashTag & Mezza are finally seeing stars in their eyes as they get to talk about EVO experiences and unfortunate mishaps this time around. Mezza breaks down Arms and questions how competitive can it get. Small thoughts on how the early meta is evolving among the players in the arms community and how Tournament Organizers are finally going to make arms more of a main stage game. CrashTag dives deep into the July updates for Injustice 2 and NetherRealms held strong to not do any drastic changes to balance the game as there were more issues to be fixed.

Rouge grabbed one of the best current Black Adam players, Frank “Slayer” Perales, as EchoFox went on to strengthen their Injustice 2 power house with Jivan “Theo” Karapetian — one of the top superman players. Capcom has been making their own moves with Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite as they speak on Chun li’s face. Players have also found some slightly interesting short hop mechanics in the game that can change perspective on high level play. Tempo Storm finds their way back to the FGC by picking up Alex Myers a Street Fighter V competitor, and Rise Nation brings in Mayor “Smug” of Duff City.

BandaiNamco has invested a lot of time into their game, and it shows when you see how closely the moves are to the comic strips. The team talks more about “Future Trunks” and what he will bring to the game that surprisingly has no grab function at the moment. Sad to say, Namco will be struggling to put their new character Eliza into play with her unlimited super glitch being exploited heavily. Will it be fixed before EVO or take a dive for the time being? Tekken World Tour Online Tournament has also been postponed due to interest of players.

Iron Galaxy finally releases the wings on Eagle and is currently playable as of June 27th. In the Randoms Of The FGC, Capcom pro tour bans Behrudy for “Thicker than Thursday” comment. 15 Year old “Toffee” takes her first local tournament and gets good feed back from even top players. Music changes the game so listen to Mezza tell you what music has done for Fighting Games and what music drives you. As always “Focus Attack” takes a grand spin of EVO 2017 numbers and scheduling, and trust that the Double Tap Team has not overlooked any of the poor choices that lead to the underwhelming numbers this year.

Of course “Mod Highlights” will always keep CrashTag ending us with a bang as he talks about UMVC3 AE: Shadow lady and even Power Rangers in his Street Fighter V.


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