We kick things off with Street Fighter 6, the highly anticipated release that has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews. We dive into the reasons behind the positive reception and explore what this means for the game and the FGC as we look to the future.

However, PC gamers are expressing their concerns about the implementation of the Denuvo DRM system in Street Fighter 6. Worries about potential performance hiccups loom, drawing from past encounters with the system. We delve into these concerns and discuss the potential impact on the PC gaming community.

Shifting gears to Guilty Gear Strive, we turn our attention to Asuka, one of the game’s most complex characters. Through analyzing gameplay footage, we gather our thoughts on where Asuka stands among the roster, exploring his strengths and weaknesses.

Next, we dive into the latest character trailer for Tekken 8, showcasing the return of the iconic Bryan Fury. Fans are thrilled to see Bryan back and looking like his former self. Additionally, we investigate the possibility of a Tekken 8 Beta test, stirring up anticipation among players eager to get a taste of the game before its official release.

In other news, Dragon Ball FighterZ provides an update on the RollBack patch, informing us that its implementation will take longer than expected. However, the community can still rejoice as a new patch has been released, bringing significant changes to many characters. We discuss the impact of these changes on the game’s meta and gameplay.

Finally, StaticGorilla shares impressions and takeaways from his journey throughout the Midwest, attending Combo Breaker 2023 as both a player and audience member.


Andres Mirandes

Video gaming runs in his blood and competition plagues his mind. From the earliest days in the now extinct arcades, to the eSports competitive scene, he looks forward to the next game to test his skills. No stranger to rising salt levels.

Jeremiah Ward

Got his start gaming with his two cousins and brother at his aunts house. They had to always play in secret, but he fell in love with fighting games when he got his first taste of an arcade in Maryland. Now looks to grow the community.

Gabriel Medina

I've been playing video games for a while now. I enjoy racing games, RPGs, but spend most of my time with fighting games. My first goal was to get better than my brothers, but now I strive to be better than most while also teaching others.

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