This week Exomatt and Kurabara take a walk through memory lane and go through some highlights from the past two hundred episodes of Dropping Spicy. They talk about the original three, Kinder, Geo and Keylocke, all the way through the different hosts, tournaments and some noteable interviews. The Spicy Bois go through some news, and then talk through the communities thoughts on whether ranked should be based on kp or on placement.


Mathew Crowell

Started at Math Blaster and now we're here. He's been glued to his games since 1997. A proud Octane main, he likes to jump in head first. I play and stream a slew of games from Pokemon to GTA and everything in-between.

Cory Treadway

Cory has been gaming ever since he fished an NES out of a trash can. A broad gamer who enjoys everything from FPS, Racing, RPGs, MMOS, RTS, World Building, Puzzles, Dating, Horror, Cooking, Sports. If its a game I will give it a try.

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