Kinder, and Kurabara witness the return of Dropping Spicy veteran Geo!

The bois have an absolute ton to discuss with the release of Apex Season 3: Meltdown! We discuss the various nerfs and buffs to legends, all new hop ups and weapon balance, new and shuffled gold item abilities, and kitted weapons, including the absolutely beastly new Charge Rifle!

Along with all that, we give our impressions on newcomer legend Crypto’s strength and shortcomings, and gush over the absolutely beautiful (and massive) new map, World’s Edge!

Get ready, bois, we’re Dropping Spicy!


Josh Kinder

9 year podcast veteran, former host on The SOGOpod, Fragging Out, and Watchpoint Radio. Kinder has been gaming since before he could walk, and specializes in gaming industry insight, development commentary, and toilet humor!

Garret Seay

Hello, Garrett here, but the video gaming community knows me by Geo. My PC story started out with Overwatch and now it’s begun to expand to games like Apex Legends. Join me as we rock the video gaming world! Origins gamertag: BeardedPoggers

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