Are you a fan of data? This episode is absolutely riddled with it! We talk about Apex’s Twitch numbers, legend pick rates at the highest levels of play, how long it took Preds to reach their rank compared to previous seasons, and a whole new set of data tracking tools that have come to one of the most popular Apex Legends websites! Afterwards, we have a look at some great responses to last week’s question of the week, and some of the spiciest takes about EA our community has to offer!


Josh Kinder

9 year podcast veteran, former host on The SOGOpod, Fragging Out, and Watchpoint Radio. Kinder has been gaming since before he could walk, and specializes in gaming industry insight, development commentary, and toilet humor!

Mathew Crowell

Started at Math Blaster and now we're here. He's been glued to his games since 1997. A proud Octane main, he likes to jump in head first. I play and stream a slew of games from Pokemon to GTA and everything in-between.

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