The new season of Apex is out! Along with new legend Ash, new map Storm Point, new weapon the CAR SMG, and a litany of balance changes! On this episode, we discuss how Storm Point and Ash feel to play, the current weapon balance, changes to legends such as Wattson, and why you should be using the CAR SMG, over pretty much anything right now. We also talk a bit about how the community feels about the new season, and some of our personal experiences on day one of Season 11: Escape!


Josh Kinder

9 year podcast veteran, former host on The SOGOpod, Fragging Out, and Watchpoint Radio. Kinder has been gaming since before he could walk, and specializes in gaming industry insight, development commentary, and toilet humor!

Cory Treadway

Cory has been gaming ever since he fished an NES out of a trash can. A broad gamer who enjoys everything from FPS, Racing, RPGs, MMOS, RTS, World Building, Puzzles, Dating, Horror, Cooking, Sports. If its a game I will give it a try.

Mathew Crowell

Started at Math Blaster and now we're here. He's been glued to his games since 1997. A proud Octane main, he likes to jump in head first. I play and stream a slew of games from Pokemon to GTA and everything in-between.

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