The public Beta/demo of Destiny 2 is coming and we have confirmation of what we will be seeing/using during this time. Homecoming mission, Countdown & Control crucible modes each with a specific crucible map, Inverted Spire strike, Dawnblade, Arcstrider, and Sentinel subclasses, and for one hour on Sunday, July 23 at 10AM Pacific, the Farm will be open for you to view. For participating in the Beta, you will get a Destiny 2 Beta Emblem!

Error codes chicken and olive were running rampant on teams that were trying to get into some Iron Banner games this week. They are less frequent, but for many, this issue is still coming into play.

Bungie Day

Bungie put up several really nice looking wallpapers up for download on their latest post for Bungie day along with new items for sale on the Bungie Store. Bungie is planning one last multimedia “hurrah” before Destiny 2 which will be unveiled at PAX West.

Along with these two pieces of information, Cosmo gave out Beta codes with Fireteam Chat and other content creators having their own set of codes as well. So if you haven’t preordered Destiny 2, you have a chance of playing the Beta early.

IGN’s Information IV Bag

Luke Smith talked about the decision to make an actual sequel. The Bungie team had a decision; make Taken King style expansions or create a brand new experience.

Storytelling is important in this game by having the lore that would have been in grimoire in the exotics and side quests.

When you arrive on a planet/location, you can pull up your director, see the next mission or quest that is available, and go there knowing what your reward is.

“Golf bag” set to loadouts will be in play for some of the most difficult game modes in Destiny. You need to come prepared as once you get to these activities, you won’t be able to make any changes.

The Farm social space is the first social space you will go to after you are kicked out of the city. As you go through Destiny 2, the population of the Farm will increase and change.

There will be events that pop up that can be viewed in the Farm.

The Shard from the European Dead Zone is visible and plays a role in that region’s story.

Tyra Karn is back and survived the Cabal onslaught.

Shaxx’s Redjacks are viewable for the first time in game (beyond Arcite 99-40, the Crucible Quartermaster)

Ralph the Chicken

Soccer is in the Farm with scoring and pyro!

26 players can be in the social space. Significantly more than the Tower, Reef, and Iron Temple.

Each week, a new destination will will be selected as your main point of interest and you will be rewarded for completing tasks like Public Events. These Flashpoints promise Nightfall tier rewards.

The Crucible version, Call to Arms, will have you do specific Crucible quests.

These two items are part of Destiny 2’s Milestones, how you track your main goals in Destiny.

Monday July 10th, IGN will be talking about PVP, July 11th, they’ll be talking about the story, July 12 will be a Sentinel Titan expose, July 13 another PVP reveal, and July 14th, sound.


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