On Episode 26, Ramses and Lobosco discuss the recent announcement of superstar DJ and Overwatch Fan Zedd as the musical entertainment for this year’s Grand Finals. We talk about what makes him perfecty suited to be the musical guest, and some possible surprises we could see during his set. We also discuss some recent Overwatch League merchandise drops from ULT and fanatics.

Next, Ramses and Lobosco cover the results of this week’s playoff games. We go through each day’s results, highlighting each games’ results, and highlight performances from certain players. We also talk about the impact of the playoff meta and playoff structure on individual teams, as some fell out of contention, some rose to the challenge, and some failed to perform as expected. We go on to give our preliminary Grand Finals perspectives, and give our initial predictions. We also discuss a news story from Slasher concerning Blizzard’s manipulation of Twitch viewership numbers, and the League’s partnership with viewership metrics company Nielsen for future events.

Lastly, Ramses and Lobosco drop some F’s in the chat concerning OWL’s recent “meme” treatment of player emotion and reactions. We discuss the league’s responsibility to wisely use this content, and its current struggle to do so; specifically with its treatment of Seoul Dynasty’s Ryujehong. We also give a heartfelt rememberance to the Blizzard Arena. We celebrate the wonderful memories, incredible competition, and the institution’s influence on Overwatch and the greater esports community. We also give our personal goodbyes to the arena, and give our thanks for its personal impact on our lives.


Julian Quezada

Julian is an Overwatch podcaster and host of Push the Point. He's an avid fan of Disney movies, Star Wars, and losing SR points. You can typically find him watching/playing Overwatch, or watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Chris Lobosco

LoBosco is an esports broadcaster who has wandered his way over to podcasting. As if casting every chance he can wasn't enough, now he wants to talk about Overwatch League as much as he casts. You can hear him with Ramses on Push the Point.

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