Overwatch League playoffs brought some incredible games and amazing performances, as we get closer and closer to Grand Finals. This episode, we begin by recapping the week’s headlines, including the Boston Uprising’s signing of former Mayhem Head Coach Mineral. We talk about his past credentials, as well as Boston’s off kilter coaching history. We also talk about the major season award winners, as Haksal and Sinatraa are officially awarded Rookie of the Year and MVP honors, respectively. We talk about the players’ histories, season performances, and more as we celebrate their impact on the League and the game itself.

Next, Ramses and Lobosco recap the week’s playoff games. We talk about each day’s important moments, including some teams’ fall to (and sometimes out of) the loser’s bracket, and some team’s continued progression through the winner’s side. We discuss notable player performances, and talk about the high quality of this year’s playoff team pool.

Lastly, we talk about the recent controversy surrounding the League’s introduction of post game interviews for losing teams. We talk about the recent drama concerning fan and OWL talent’s reaction to the move, as well as the practice’s value and frequency in traditional sports. We also continue our quest for eventual contact with new Houston Outlaws owner Lee Zieben, and official launch our quest for contact.


Julian Quezada

Julian is an Overwatch podcaster and host of Push the Point. He's an avid fan of Disney movies, Star Wars, and losing SR points. You can typically find him watching/playing Overwatch, or watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Chris Lobosco

LoBosco is an esports broadcaster who has wandered his way over to podcasting. As if casting every chance he can wasn't enough, now he wants to talk about Overwatch League as much as he casts. You can hear him with Ramses on Push the Point.

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