On this weeks episode of the show Mike & Rob sit down to discuss the huge announcement of the rewards that will be available to players along side the Global Events coming to the world of The Division in the form of Classified Gear sets.

Classified Gear sets will be rewarded to players who take part in global events and earn caches to obtain a stat boost for the build of your choice. The classified gear sets will also come with a set performance buff. Players will also be rewarded by wearing 5/6 piece versions of the set with a unique talent that enhances the current use of the gearset.

These gear pieces will bring vast diversity and refresh the current way we play the game and will be fully tested in the upcoming PTS for all platforms. And we ask you to send all ideas, thoughts and bugs over to the official Ubisoft Division Forums.

Changes made to the Ninja Back Pack that makes it fricking awesome instead of plain useless! Finally we end this week’s show with another #IFM where we discuss bringing Hunters into the LZ to helping make it easier for players to farm in game currencies by taking out Hunters that would stacking a buff to aid you.


Mike Parry

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Rob Hemsley

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