On this week episode the guys are joined by Rempancy from the Bombshell Jackets Podcast in SITREPLuke’s absence to discuss a new feature being added to the game in Update 1.7. Commendations, previously known as feats, will be adding achievement like activities to the game which will take players back to the streets of New York to hunt down things that we might not have seen in game.

The commendations will award you not only with loot as you progress, but also give the player a new vanity option in the form of patches as we speculated correctly in recent episodes. And there is a special in game event this weekend giving players more rewards for killing named enemies.

After SOTG coverage the guys discussed E3 and all the games it brought to people’s attention over the weekend. Listen to find out what games at E3 stuck out to the team.

We end this weeks episode of the podcast with another #IFM where SITREPRob wants to bring OP weapons to the game to then face off all other players in a timed event for fun-sises.


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