SITREP Radio episode 59 brings you the latest news and views for all things The Division, with special guest rxlyaT or Taylor. Fresh from his experience at ETF-Charlie, we ask the YouTuber his thoughts on update 1.7, how he feels the ETF experience went, and what the future holds for the game we all love so dearly.

This week’s IFM (Ideas for Massive) was a collaborative effort where all four of the guys pitched in with points of view on something #TeamSITREP have mentioned many moons ago that they tentatively named “Faction Wars”. The premise of which is to re-capture the Light Zone/Main Map from roaming factions of, for example, cleaners who are taking over the map sector by sector until you make the map “100% safe” on a weekly or daily basis for rewards. Mike, Rob, and Luke believe an idea like this would breathe some much needed life into the map and bring PvE players a slice of new content that they are desperate for.

State of the Game was interrupted a few times this week, through no fault of anyone over at Massive (Thanks Twitch) so poor Hamish looked somewhat uncomfortable a couple of times. Without his trusty side kick to back him up, the first portion of 1.7 news was delivered by Hamish with the help of Tom and Mark from Reflections studio. Gabe was streaming a short preview of the current development build of update 1.7, and showed off the Global Events.


Mike Parry

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Luke Mallatratt

I've been a gamer ever since I can remember. I started with a Commodore64, then Amiga1200, and various PCs. Consoles I've owned include SNES, Wii, GameCube, Xbox 360 and every version of PlayStation to date. My most played games are Team Fortress Classic, Championship Manager, early COD titles (don't mention Black Ops or MW3!) as well as almost all of the Gran Turismo and GTA series'.

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