There’s a new segment of the show making its debut this week. The cheekily titled “Ideas for Massive” is a 10/15 minute portion of the podcast dedicated to ideas that #TeamSITREP have either previously mentioned on the show, or brand new ideas they have recently brainstormed. This week Rob aired his idea for a Control Point type event that could bring more conflict to Dark Zone server. In terms of their gaming, the lads have been doing some serious grinding of Exotic Items this week. Falcon Lost and Dragons Nest Incursions as well as Times Square and Napalm Legendary missions. Unfortunately for the 3 of them, RNGesus was not on their side, so Rob still needs his Shortbow Kneepads while Mike and Luke are still yet to receive Urban MDRs.

The State of the Game broadcast this week was another brief affair, but did contain some important and exciting news. Hamish and Yannick announced that Update 1.6.1 would be released free on all platforms on Tuesday 23rd May. This is also the date that ETF Charlie begins, where update 1.7 will be previewed and discussed, but also where update 1.8 will begin to take shape. Good Luck to all 12 members of ETF Charlie, and do the community proud.

Finally, in response to last weeks episode featuring Arekkz, #TeamSITREP launched a petition or rather a “community show of hands” to see just how many people want a Battle Royale version of Survival to be implemented into The Division. Click here to show your support. Thank you!


Mike Parry

Mike is a huge lover of all things media based. From games to movies, comics and music. Preferably the alternative genre.

Luke Mallatratt

I've been a gamer ever since I can remember. I started with a Commodore64, then Amiga1200, and various PCs. Consoles I've owned include SNES, Wii, GameCube, Xbox 360 and every version of PlayStation to date. My most played games are Team Fortress Classic, Championship Manager, early COD titles (don't mention Black Ops or MW3!) as well as almost all of the Gran Turismo and GTA series'.

Rob Hemsley

A bit of geek when it comes to TV, Movies, Podcasts, and Games.

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