Pull up a stool, charge your glasses and get comfortable as Happy Hour Episode 33 is here for your listening pleasure. That’s right – the gang are back for more podcast-based shenanigans, with alcohol aplenty. For this episode, the lads talk about their recent get together with alcohol aplenty. Their thoughts on Ryan Reynolds Free Guy. Finally get down to business and talk about Mikes Lego obsession for no reason at all, Battlefield 2042, Night Books. Plus why Luke doesnt give a crap about the Upcoming Spiderman Film. And end the show on a massive tangent discussing whether or not Casino Royale is the best Daniel Craig James Bond.


Mike Parry

Mike is a huge lover of all things media based. From games to movies, comics and music. Preferably the alternative genre.

Rob Hemsley

A bit of geek when it comes to TV, Movies, Podcasts, and Games.

Luke Mallatratt

I've been a gamer ever since I can remember. I started with a Commodore64, then Amiga1200, and various PCs. Consoles I've owned include SNES, Wii, GameCube, Xbox 360 and every version of PlayStation to date. My most played games are Team Fortress Classic, Championship Manager, early COD titles (don't mention Black Ops or MW3!) as well as almost all of the Gran Turismo and GTA series'.

Brad Williams

Lover of gaming, music, TV and films (even though I\'m always behind). Can usually be found sucking at fps games or being unsociable and playing single player games.

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