A very quiet week for The Division as there is no news from the SOTG as the some of the Community Team are busy.

Also SITREPLuke is AFK this week as he has been taken hostage by the Dollar Flu Bug leaving Mike and Rob to wildly speculate on unconfirmed PTS3 notes from the PC side.

The lads also go over some minor interesting news from The Division community as a Petition is started to hopefully make Ubisoft aware that players want a sequel to their beloved game.

Which leads to Mike and Rob discussing news of a Job posting for The Division for a QA/Tester on the successful franchise we all love. Which means it could be for The Division 2 or a Year 3 content of the game either way the lads would be happy.

And finally end the show with IFM where we would like to see a revamp to the existing mission playlists and rewards into a cohesive book ala Destiny that would give players some thing else to chase in game for completionists out there. However the lads realise they may have just been recalling what a Global Event instead.


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