Episode 103 of SITREP Radio looks over the exact details of update 1.8.1, which went live on all platforms earlier this week. Between increases to the drop rate of Classified loot, new Legendary missions and new Global Events, as a free year 3 update this is not too shabby at all.

Mike, Rob and Luke also have a lengthy discussion this week about skill trees, after a very detailed emailed from one of their listeners outlined their vision of how skill trees would work in The Division 2. Would they work in The Division 2? Would they detract from the unique style that makes The Division what it is? How do Skill Trees compare to the loot system that is in-play already? The lads discuss these points and more.

As ever, the lads end the show with more questions from their listeners and the community. This week the questions are more generalized in their gaming nature, rather than being solely about The Division, but they do lead to some good conversation.


Mike Parry

Mike is a huge lover of all things media based. From games to movies, comics and music. Preferably the alternative genre.

Rob Hemsley

A bit of geek when it comes to TV, Movies, Podcasts, and Games.

Luke Mallatratt

I've been a gamer ever since I can remember. I started with a Commodore64, then Amiga1200, and various PCs. Consoles I've owned include SNES, Wii, GameCube, Xbox 360 and every version of PlayStation to date. My most played games are Team Fortress Classic, Championship Manager, early COD titles (don't mention Black Ops or MW3!) as well as almost all of the Gran Turismo and GTA series'.

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