Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to continue talking about their playthrough of Mass Effect 1 in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week the topic is Tali and Garrus.

Nick starts by comparing the aliens and pointing out that Tali and Garrus are two of the most beloved, only to realize that all the aliens, including Liara, are beloved. Then, the talk about Tali and how she’s basically an 18 year old going off to college to learn about the world, but also to learn to appreciate her home flotilla by being homesick. They also discuss how Tali has a very vibrant personality, but her dialogue is very flat in that it describes the flotilla and their experience with the geth and their government instead of relaying much of her personal experience.

Then, they get into discussing the nature of the Quarina flotilla and its size relative to Earth’s population as well as its militaistic-democratic hybrid government. They also talk about how the flotilla is crowded by nature, and Tali is not used to the emptiness and quiet of the Normandy. Finally, they talk about the Quarian pilgrimage, and then talk about Tali’s own pilgrimage, and the quest she is on to find something important for the flotilla.

Then the talk about her quest, Geth Incursions, which isn’t even obviously her quest at first. Shepard attacks several Geth bases in the Armstrong Nebula and ultimately finds some Geth data of a Quarian performance, and has the option of giving Tali the data or keeping it for the Alliance. They also talk about Geth culture as a result of the transmission.

Next, they talk about Garrus and how he is defined by his experience with C-Sec. They also talk about how Garrus struggles with rules and oversight, and whether they wanted to encourage this behaviour or try to teach him to be better. They talk about Garrus’ father who was also a C-Sec officer and how Garrus chafed against his father’s observance of the rules. They also ponder how Garrus would have done had he become a Spectre like he was offered previously.

Last, they talk about Garrus’ personal mission to find Dr. Saleon/Dr. Heart and how the outcome can affect Garrus and his outlook.

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