Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back and ready this week to begin talking about the loyalty missions! This week, they focus on Miranda’s and Jacob’s missions. Nick mentions that he was about to do Miranda’s loyalty mission on Illium when the Illusive Man rudely sent him to check out a “derelict” Collector vessel. First, they give a brief overview of the loyalty missions. Then, they jump into some of the new quests available on your second trip to Illium.

On Illium, Shepard encounters a Quarian struggling with the concept of indentured servitude with the Sirta Foundation. They discuss how Illium allows for legal slavery. Kura mentions that he would have welcomed another quarrian onto the Normandy. Kura talks about how she gambled her way into her servitude situation. This leads to a discussion of Quarian gambling and an attempt to understand Quarian poker. Chip compares the Quarian to Draenai from Warcraft, which is logical since both are based off Eastern European culture.

Next, they get into Miranda’s mission. After reviewing the mission, they talk about Niket’s betrayal and how much of a surprise that was. They wonder why Miranda didn’t just bring in a trusted Cerberus agent to help her, but Chip points out that Miranda has trust issues. Kura brings up that Enyala, the Eclipse mercenary, is terrible. Chip talks about how he let Miranda kill Niket while Kura did not. They talk about how Miranda struggles with her self-image and is cold to everyone as a result. Kura and Chip struggle with Niket’s motivations. They all agreed that Miranda needed to talk to her sister after the mission. Nick appreciates the Jack-Miranda rivalry. They finish up discussing the mission by talking about an asari trinket that is discovered on the mission.

Finally, they discuss Jacob’s loyalty mission to track down the crew of the Hugo Gernsback. They review the mission and then Nick talks about Jacob’s cynicism. Kura talks about the dawning realization of what is going on with the crew. Chip mentions how easy it is to skip checking out the ship itself and getting additional background information. Kura compares the events to what we’ve recently been learning about some developer corporate cultures. Chip brings up the absurdity of Jacob’s father surviving ten years on rations. They wonder about why there are no children on the planet after ten years, and also wonder if cannibalism occurred. They talk about the different outcomes for Ronald given Shepard’s paragon and renegade choices. Kura points out the meaning of the name Hugo Gernsback.

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