Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to continue talking about their experiences playing the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.  This week, they continue their journey through Omega as they seek out the mysterious Archangel, who of course turns out to be none other than former Normandy crew member Garrus Vakarian.  The squad talks about how quickly they initially realized Archangel was Garrus.  Then they dive into the mission itself, which involved fighting several gang leaders as well as taking down a gunship!  In particular, Chip dislikes the Vorcha pyros.  Garrus get hit pretty bad by the gunship but he survives with some hefty scarring.  This leads to a discussion about the safety of wearing a helmet.

They also talk about Shepard’s choice to stop or allow a young man to join the mercenaries.  Then, they look into how poorly Garrus’ life has been, as his team was compromised by a traitor and they were all killed.  They finish up their discussion of Garrus by talking about how Garrus and pretty much any of Shepard’s squad mates could run their own team.

Next, they look at some of the side quests on Omega.  They talk about the quest to help out a Quarian named Kenn who is stuck working at a vendor kiosk until he can buy his way off Omega.  Shepard can either give the Quarian money for passage or talk to the merchant boss to help him out.  The guys compare the kiosks in the game to ordering sandwiches at Wawa or simply buying stuff from Amazon on your phone.  Kenn also sells the T6A Couplings that Donnelly and Daniels need in engineering.  This leads to Shepard (and possibly Tali) playing poker off screen.

Another character with an interaction post-Omega is Doctor Chakwas.  If Shepard gets the serrice ice brandy from Afterlife, the commander and the doctor will share the bottle while reminiscing about former crew members like Kaiden and Jenkins.  Doctor Chakwas subsequently passes out in a medical bed, and this leads to a discussion about where the crew all sleeps.

Finally, after a brief discussion about what appearances they are using for their characters, Chip mentions the Batarian bartender in Afterlife who poisons Shepard.  Both he and Kurabara shot him for his transgressions.

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