Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back this week to continue their journey through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week they begin their dive into the Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3 that involves Shepard getting an apartment and the ensuing hijinks.

They start by discussing the reasons for the DLC, as people were left underwhelmed by the series’ finale. This DLC was intended to provide more closure for the various relationships Shepard had built over the years. They also briefly mention that patch to improve the ending sequence.

After an interlude with Nick recapping his acquisition of MELE through PS+, they get into the Citadel introduction which has Anderson bequeathing his apartment in the Presidium to Shepard. They discuss the layout of the apartment and the legality of the transaction. They talk about Keith David’s performance for Anderson’s memoir recordings and mention some other items found in the apartment.

After recapping the clone plot, the guys talk about how each of the characters are introduced with a hero moment. They consider the concept of a Shepard-clone and how that could have been worthy of its own game. Chip mentions the plot is ridiculous and played for laughs in a good way. Everyone recounts being caught off guard by the clone reveal. They review the sushi restaurant combat sequence and discuss the encounter with the used car salesman. They appreciate the return of Wrex. They consider the holograms in the Archives. Nick admits to being blindsided by Brooks’ reveal. They talk about Shepard and team getting stuck in the archives.

They revel in Traynor’s moment with her toothbrush, and marvel at the fight in the CIC on the Normandy. They discuss the mirror match against the clone in the shuttle bay. They ponder what makes a Shepard a Shepard, and then review the various outcomes for Brooks.

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