Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back this week to talk about their experiences playing through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition! This week, they talk about their first return to the Citadel. Nick decides to dub either Kaiden or Ashley “The Major” while Chip argues they should just be called “Virmire Survivor.” Then, after recapping events, they talk about Diana Allers joining the Normandy in Zaeed’s old quarters. Next, they talk about the return of Bailey, now a Commander with C-Sec, and discuss the recurring theme of military officers hating politics. They review the expansiveness of the Citadel compared to the cramped quarters it was given in Mass Effect 2. They mention how the Citadel is away from the fighting in the galaxy as opposed to becoming a central hub at the end of Mass Effect 1.

They talk about visiting the hospital to check in on how the Major is doing. Although they aren’t awake yet, the guys talk about the gift giving mini-game that is present here. Kura comments on Kaiden’s nipples. They talk about Shepard cheerleading their comatose friend. Nick comments on the aesthetics of the Huerta logo on the windows. Kura mentions there is a lack of privacy in the hospital. They point out that all the rooms are the same, like in real hospitals. Kura talks about a soldier getting his leg amputated and then grown back.

Next, they visit the Embassy Suites. They meet Dominic Osoba, human ambassador to the Citadel. This leads to a discussion about bugs on the Citadel. Nick points out that Hackett is on an Alliance billboard. Also, C-Sec is advertising jobs in internal affairs. They visit the Spectre Station and compare the layout of the embassies to the quarters in Mass Effect 1. They talk about how the offices have moved.

Also on the Citadel, they mention the Blasto ad you can find which tells the story of the whole movie. They also wonder about the massive pits at the entrance to Purgatory. They discuss how Udina is now councillor regardless of your decisions from Mass Effect 1, and compare Earth and Citadel politics. They talk about how James is coming around to agreeing with Shepard, and how Dr. Michel is now running Huerta Memorial. They discuss the possibility of getting Dr. Chakwas.

Next, they finally get the chance to explore the Normandy. They talk about the scanner room hiding a loading screen. They talk about Traynor, who is now the major domo of the Normandy. They discuss Liara’s quarters, and try to understand the bed situation on the ship. They talk about Adams and how engineering is at risk of a plasma vent from the Mass Effect Core. They wonder if EDI could be indoctrinating the crew. They resume talking about Diana Allers’ quarters. They also mention new crew members KEI-9 and Steve Cortes, and finish by evaluating their sparring session with James Vega in light of Paragon Lost.

Finally, they talk about the Dream Sequence and the burning child, and try to evaluate Shepard’s psyche.

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