Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to continue talking about their experiences playing through the Mass Effect Legendary edition. This week they begin their discussion of the Leviathan DLC in Mass Effect 3.

They begin by talking about how there should be a non-SPECTRE based Mass Effect game, arguing that either it should be based on the Citadel as a crime fighting experience, or focused on the underbelly of Omega, set in the smuggler or outlaw genre. They get into a discussion of Nick doing the Leviathan DLC early on his first playthrough and getting stuck on the mission outside the asteroid mining facility. They then discuss the family-centric nature of this mission, as it involves Dr. Bryson and his daughter. This leads to a debate about who would be better at childcare: Shepard or Jack. They consider how critical the Leviathan DLC is to the overall story, and they mention how they prefer DLC to fit in after the main narrative instead of during it.

Next, they begin discussing the first mission in the DLC, which is the search for Dr. Garneau. They talk about the best way to handle the combat at the T-GES Mining Facility, which everyone struggled with. Nick complains that Shepard should be used to dealing with brainwashed people by now. They discuss why the artifact has been controlling the facility for a decade, and how the victims are completely unaware of the events of ME1 and ME2. They talk about the map used to locate the asteroid.

Next, they discuss Bryson’s lab and what is found there, including the screaming husk head. Nick wonders about a strange alien picture on the wall, and that leads to a consideration of the Yahg as a villain race. They resume talking about Dr. Garneau and enjoy the twists of his story.

They then discuss the next mission to the archeological dig site in search of Ann Bryson. They talk about the murals that appear to feature reapers being worshipped. They comment on the jumping puzzles in this section. They evaluate the various Reaper forces, and then return to talking about the husk head again.

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