Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back this week to continue talking about their experiences playing Mass Effect 3. This week, they continue through the Rannoch storyline, looking at the crew’s reaction to what is going on. First they talk about Tali joining the Normandy and taking Wrex’s spot in the Command center. They discuss bringing her on missions at this point, though she hasn’t properly joined the crew. They talk about Legion and Garrus interacting, and again lament that you spend so little time with Legion throughout the series. They observe that Shepard is the first organic to treat the Geth with respect, which is notable against the isolation of the Geth. Garrus talks about his family while Javik doesn’t care for any current relationships. Next, they debate if EDI can be trusted. Then they talk about the K-9 robot dog in the bay. There’s a sly crack from Cortes to Vega about bears. They mention that Vega calls Tali ‘Sparks’. They also mention the stress that Tali is under as Admiral.

Discussion shifts to the Citadel, and they reference the interaction with Javik and the Hanar on the Citadel, which leads to a discussion of Prothean influence upon the current races. There’s a meeting with Miranda. Also, Zaeed re-emerges. James confirms he is joining the N7 program. Kaiden awkwardly prompts Shepard for a date and talks about Canadian lager. Joker and EDI appear to be together now, and Garrus goes skeet shooting with Shepard.

Back on the Normandy, Joker makes a questionable joke, and Javik again questions EDI’s intentions. Daniels continues to embarrass himself, and the gang compare the Mass Effect 3 interactions with the chatter from Mass Effect 1.

After the Geth consensus, Admirals Xen and Shala’raan have an argument. Joker questions Shepard’s senses, and EDI gets really awkward with Shepard. Javik continues to be an asshole and Donnelly continues to be a horndog.

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