Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about their ongoing experience in Mass Effect 1. After some chit chat about Minnesota and data pads, they get into talking about Cerberus and how they are present in the background of ME1 before having a more prominent role in ME2. Kurabara wanders how it was decided that they would be utilized in the later Mass Effect games. Nick talks about how shady they are as an organization. Kura questions if ExoGeni would have been as effective an opponent. Nick compares ExoGeni and Cerberus from an ideology standpoint.

The first quest they talk about is UNC: Colony of the Dead, which features as civilian colony turned to husks by Cerberus. Chip complains about the geography of the planet, with its steep mountains. Chip talks about how forgettable Cerberus’ role in these quests was.

Nick then brings up everyone’s choice for Shepard’s background, as that ties into the next mission. UNC: Dead Scientists is about doctors being killed after they worked on Akuze, where Shepard survived a Thresher Maw attack. Shepard goes to the last doctor and finds that one other soldier survived Akuze, as the rest of Shepard’s team were abducted by Cerberus after the Thresher Maw attack. Shepard then must decide whether to let the soldier kill the doctor or try to prevent that from happening.

Finally, they discuss the Hades Dogs mission, which starts with Kurabara blowing Nick and Chip’s minds by pointing out that Hades’ Dogs were Cerberus. Then they get into the details of the mission, talking about how Cerberus is able to stymie and pursue a Rear Admiral with little fear of repercussion. They talk about how Cerberus’ agenda is hidden beyond the discussion of them attempting to make a Super Soldier. They they talk about the role of the Shadow Broker and whether they agreed to sell the data to the Shadow Broker or not.

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