Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about their experiences playing through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week, they return to the Citadel to check how it is holding up after the Cerberus Coup, and they run into a few familiar faces in the process.

First, they talk about the visible damage on the Citadel after Cerberus’ attack, especially around the Presidium. They talk about the evolution of the Citadel throughout the game. Then they take a few moments to complain about the quest log, and the nature of overhearing quests to be resolved through planetary scanning. They mention the Cerberus Comms recovery mission in relation to this. Chip points out that Bioware has done this in other games, and they compare it to the old RPG method of allowing (requiring) the player to talk to everyone in a location. They talk about how some of what you overhear is resolved in the Spectre office, which leads to the discussion that there should have been a Spectre Secretary. The dismiss the shooting gallery and speculate on who would make a good ‘Specretary.’

They discuss telling Garrus about Shepard’s decisions regarding potentially killing Kaiden or Ashley. Kura brings up that Bioware was caught off guard by the romantic interest in Garrus. They also discuss Tali as a love interest. They consider Cortes as a character as well. Next, they get to the reappearance of Conrad Verner. Nick and Kura disagree over the order of events, but they consider whether Conrad would make a good Specretary. Then, the move on to talking about Ghorek, the Batarian Terrorist who is dying. Nick recounts his encounter with Khaleesa Al-Jhilani. Then they discuss a quest that starts by tracking a hacker and completes with the re-emergence of Balak from Bring Down the Sky. Finally, they talk about the economics of war, and that the Alliance must defeat the Reapers fast, lest society run out of money.

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