Nick, Chip, and Kura are back to talk about their experiences playing through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week, they focus on the Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3.

They begin by talking about Aria and the current status of Omega under Cerberus occupation. They consider the relationship of the DLC to the Citadel as a hub for all additional content. They mention Bray, Aria’s second in command, who is a rare friendly Batarian. This leads to a comparison of Aria to the Batarians in general. They review the car ride where Aria introduces the mission and its protagonist, General Petrovsky. They consider how the regular crew is not involved in this mission, as it is only for Shepard.

They evaluate Petrovsky as a Cerberus agent and then opine on the confrontation with Petrovsky at the end of the mission. They compare Kai Leng and Petrovsky as high level Cerberus agents of variable effectiveness. They talk about Petrovsky’s quick surrender once the final battle is over, and discuss the chess motif that he is depicted with. They compare outcomes for Aria’s attempt to choke Petrovsky, and whether they had Shepard intervene or not. They consider Petrovsky’s value to the war effort.

They also discuss how Aria tends to approve of Shepard’s renegade decisions. They review the decision when Shepard has to shut down the power or try to reroute it first. Nick wonders if Aria can die. They talk about the introduction of Nyreen, the first female Turian we meet. This leads to a discussion of females in various races. They discuss Nyreen as Aria’s ex, and also look at Aria’s foul language. They mourn Nyreen for her sacrifice, and point out how that lead directly to Aria running into Petrovsky’s trap.

They mention Nyreen’s fear of Adjutants, and this leads to a discussion of the horror-game elements in the DLC. Nick brings up the Doom flashlight again. They talk about the nature of the horde style fights, and the various difficulties they are playing on. They talk about the art and style of Omega. Finally, they mention the return of Aria’s couch as well as other prominent Omega community members from Mass Effect 2.

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