Nick, Chip, and Kurabara welcome Jarret back to close out this era of Squad Goals. They begin by reading several of the emails they received throughout the series. They talk about talking down the Batarian hostage takers on Omega. They talk about other ways to deal with the Batarian bartender in Afterlife that tries to poison Shepard. They revisit Zaeed’s secret history with the Blue Suns. They further discuss Liara as the Shadow Broker and how sloppy she is at keeping her secret. This leads to a quick tangent about the Mass Effect teaser from November which mentioned Liara’s future in a redacted role, and speculation about what that could be.

Next, the guys get into a discussion ranking the various characters of Mass Effect. Of course they start the discussion talking about Kaiden and how Nick warmed up to him while everyone else remained cool. Then they discuss Kelly Chambers and her role in Mass Effect 2, and the importance of taking care of the fish. This leads to a direct comparison between Kaiden and Kelly. Then they wonder which humans would have made good Spectres. Next, they examine Donnelly and his arc through Mass Effect 3, and evaluate his relationship with Daniels. They question the purpose of Morinth as more than just a dark Samara. Then they look at Pressley and Kasumi before getting into a discussion about Diana Allers and her role on the ship. They wonder if a war journalist could properly work on the Normandy.

They debate where Jenkins should rank, and then struggle ranking Legion given how little he is actually involved in the game. They rank Ashley, Javik, and get involved in a discussion ranking Garrus, as he is one of the few characters that is useful in every game. They then consider the Garrus-Shepard relationship. They talk about how to rank Joker, Mordin, and Jack before going on about Tali at length.

Next, they discuss some of the notable minor characters, with particular emphasis on Captain Bailey and Conrad Verner, of course. Then they rank the villains. They compare Kai Leng and the Shepard clone. They rank the Illusive Man, Harbinger and Sovereign, and the original Shadow Broker. Then they discuss if Leviathan even counts as a character, let alone a villain.

Finally, they wrap up the series with a discussion of the future. Could an Andromeda play through be coming?

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Thank you for listening to Squad Goals – A Mass Effect Legendary Edition Podcast! We hope you enjoyed your time traveling the galaxy with us!


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