Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about their experiences playing the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week they continue their journey through Mass Effect 3 as the Citadel comes under attack from Cerberus.

Nick and Kurabara begin by admitting they get the Salarian Councillor and the Dalatrass confused. They they talk about the Councillor’s request to meet regarding suspicions of corruption. They get into a discussion about how mission availability changes as the story advances, and in particular Nick mentions losing access to Barla Von. They talk about the quest log, but appreciate the map. They mention that it is hard to tell if you have a given quest item.

Getting back to the mission, Nick talks about struggling to follow how Shepard deduced that Udina was behind the attack. He then eats crow, admitting his earlier defense of Udina was flawed. They revisit the decision between appointing Udina or Anderson as the first human councillor. They talk about Udina being a prick. Chip points out that this mission feels different in our current time. They speculate on why the Reapers are ignoring the Citadel, and consider how Cerberus infiltrated the Citadel and C-Sec. Chip and Kura talk about sniping a mech pilot to take control of a mech.

Nick mentions that you can kill the Virmire Survivor on this mission (namely, Kaiden). They evaluate if they are worth saving. Kura gets angry about the elevator part of the mission. Kura and also Chip get angry about Kai Leng and his lack of buildup. They wonder about why Cerberus chose to keep Kai Leng away from the ME2 suicide mission. They review Thane’s confrontation with Kai Leng, and mourn Thane’s death. Chip is surprised that you can miss Thane’s death if you delay visiting the hospital. They talk about how the mission plays out if Thane isn’t available. They appreciate that Bailey survives his injuries, and Kura is surprised how quickly the Presidium shops reopen.

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