Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back and they finally have had a chance to play Mass Effect: Legendary Edition! They jump right into it with Chip talking about how he was able to compare this to the prior game since he just played Mass Effect a few months ago. They talk about how the game looks better and for Chip it felt a bit like coming home. Kurabara also enjoyed the graphics updates and also liked how the elevators seemed to work better and smoother.

They also talked about how the gunplay was changed since it was easier to aim and weapons weren’t as restricted by class. Nick complained that his vanguard is doing too much sniping. Nick also talked about how he was disappointed he was automatically given one point in charm and intimidation and already he’s had some interactions that were limited in how he could address them. They also talk about the handling of the Mako and Chip mentions the XBox bug where they game will not start with a wireless controller connected.

Finally, they get into the story. After a recap of our introduction to Shepard and the Normandy, the squad talks about their selections of background: be it lone survivor, war hero, or ruthless. They talk about how everyone reacts to you differently and later on you’ll even get quests about those choices. They talk about how awesome Doctor Chakwas is and how Corporal Jenkins is set up for doom. They also consider Nihlus as a spectre, and discuss the distress signal from Eden Prime.

Next, after some narration about the mission on Eden Prime itself, they get right into Jenkin’s death. They talk about Ashley joining the crew and how Chip butted heads with her. They also talk about the introduction of Saren and Nihlus’ end. Chip enjoyed fighting his way up the train. No one liked the vision that Shepard received, not because it was of death and destruction but because it was a poor narrative device. Everyone is looking forward to next time when we head to the Citadel.

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