Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about their experiences playing through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week they are looking for some lost Krogan in Rachni space and then check up on an Asari Ardat-Yakshi Monastery. But first, Bud Ness tweets to let the guys know that Ashley is not a Major but a Lieutenant Commander, and this leads to a discussion about military ranks.

Next, they talk about Wrex sending Shepard into Rachni space. Chip doesn’t like the mission, but says that hanging out with Grunt is fun. The main problem with the mission is that your decision from Mass Effect 1 regarding the Rachni Queen is rendered moot. Kura loves the flamethrower in the mission, as does self-proclaimed arsonist Chip. Kura mentions finding the body of Charr, noted Krogan poet. Nick talks about returning Charr’s last poem to his wife on the Citadel.

Nick mentions being excited that Grunt would join your party at the end of this mission, and his subsequent disappointment when that did not happen. They talk about Grunt’s potential demise. They also discuss ME3’s racial party composition. They talk about the replacement Rachni Queen that you find if the original Rachni Queen did not survive ME1. Nick wonders if the Rachni are immune to indoctrination. They talk about the introduction of the Ravagers and how they are Reaperized Rachni. Nick complains that they don’t feel like Rachni. They talk about how no one trusts the Rachni even though this situation is not their fault. Nick likes Grunt in this mission more than in ME2. They talk about the Rachni working on the Crucible and wonder how Rachni build things.

Finally, the guys talk about the Ardat-Yakshi Monastery that is under Reaper attack. Nick likes the horror aspect of the mission, and they talk about how you can hear the Banshees before you see them. They discuss the size of the banshees and their elongated nature. Kura points out that the Asari Commandos hate the Ardat-Yakshi. Nick brings up Yaris, the Ardat-Yakshi who is too romantic and still a danger. They talk about Morinth despite her not being here.

They discuss Samara and her other two daughters, Reela and Phelair. They talk about how Samara was on the verge of killing herself because Phelair no longer has a monastery to remain exiled in. Then, they evaluate Phelair’s decision to remain behind in the ruins of the monastery. Nick brings up encountering Samara again on the Citadel, and Kura mentions she says the Justicars may not survive. They also talk about using the flashlight in the dark sequences. They mention that Liara shows her racism by only considering the Asari people, and Javik is becoming a bit one note.

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