Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about their experiences playing Mass Effect 2 in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week, they begin by talking about the Normandy Crash Site side quest. They talk about placing the monument, collecting the dog tags, and the brief glimpse at a redemption arc for XO Pressley, who was one of the more xenophobic members of the Normandy crew.

Next, the guys get into the mission on Horizon. They immediately jump into the aftermath of meeting their old crewmate. For Chip, it was Ashley, who was a bit standoffish. Nick talks about a playthrough where Ashley’s rejection led him to Miranda, which leads to a discussion about how high maintenance Miranda might be. Kurabara reveals some personal information. Next, they talk about Kaiden, who Kurabara and Nick got to meet.

They talk about how he quickly takes offense at Shepard not having reached out sooner, and Nick is amazed because Kaiden is now just as much an a–hole as Carth from Knights of the Old Republic. They also talk about the Illusive Man using his smoking as a way to control the conversation and praise Martin Sheen’s acting. They also consider Cerberus role in manipulating events on Horizon. Next, they discuss Harbinger and how effective a villain he is. They also talk about the creepy Collector constructs and how terrifying it must be to be paralyzed and abducted by the Collectors. Finally, they evaluate the final firefight over the transmitter.

Finally, they talk about the side quest where you lead the mech to get platinum using power cells, and praise how the side quests in Mass Effect 2 all feel varied and not cookie cutter.

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Nick Zielenkievicz

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Chip Locke

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Cory Treadway

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