Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about their experiences playing through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week, they discuss the mission to Sanctuary on Horizon, where the Reapers have flushed out Cerberus secret experiments and Miranda confronts her mad scientist father.

First, Nick talks about finally beating Mass Effect 3. Then, they discuss how Sanctuary was hinted at from early chatter on the Citadel. They mention their proximity to endgame, and Nick notes that he did the Citadel DLC prior to this mission.

After a recap of the mission’s events, Nick says he is disappointed we didn’t get the see the Sanctuary façade that Cerberus was engaged in. Kurabara says the mission started off creepy but that shifted, and Chip compares the whole mess to Soylent Green. Nick posits that this should have been Miranda’s loyalty mission, and they talk about the cartoonishly villainous nature of Cerberus. Chip dislikes that the Reapers cleared out the facility before we could arrive, while Henry Lawson is grateful to Shepard. They discuss Kai Leng as a foil for Miranda. They mention Alan Dales brief cameo as Henry Lawson, and then discuss Miranda murdering her dad. They review the possible outcomes of the encounter, including Miranda or Orianna dying. They talk about the indoctrination of Cerberus and how much control the Reapers actually had over them.

Next, they review crew reactions to Horizon. Traynor is upset because she is from Horizon. EDI learns significantly about human behaviour. Kal Reegar’s fate is revealed. Kaiden and Ashley are irritated. Tali get drunk because she is comparing herself to Miranda. Javik lets his guard down the slightest and faces some harsh Prothean memories.

Other crew moments include Joker and Liara discussing escapees from Joker’s home colony. Tali and Garrus are getting closer and closer. Daniels and Donnely appear to be hooking up. Tali and EDI discuss the Quarians value to the Reapers.

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