Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back this week to continue their journey through Mass Effect 2. This time, it is the big finale as they head through the Omega 4 relay! What awaits them on the other side?

First, they talk about the Collector’s invading the Normandy while Shepard along with all 12 team members are on assignment. They discuss the various Collector forces aboard the ship, and how they are forced to watch some of what happens from the shadows. They share their disbelief that this was happening. They talk about how they could track Joker’s movements on the loading screens. They consider the hubris that EDI could handle the Reaper IFF without consequences like these, and the compare that with the hubris of Joker unshackling EDI’s AI. This leads to comparisons of EDI to the Geth. Nick talks about how he got stuck in the Eezo Core and was overwhelmed by Collectors and lost the game. They discuss how this sequence is one of the iconic Mass Effect sequences.

Then, they wonder about Shepard and his crew, and if Shepard always takes the entire team with him in the shuttle when going on missions. They point out that none of the team members are helping to run the ship. Next, they talk about the timer that requires they go through the Omega-4 Relay within two missions or they start losing people. Loyalty missions and all upgrades must be done by now. This leads to a consideration of save scumming.

Of course, they go through the Omega-4 Relay, having completed all other missions in the game (with two DLC exceptions). They talk about crashing on the Collector base and how you can lose team members throughout the flight if you haven’t upgraded the Normandy throughout the game. They talk about fighting the Orb in the cargo bay. They wonder about going through the relay without the IFF.

Next, they start talking about the decisions for how they picked their teams and assignments. They also talk about how someone gets hit while the text expert is closing the door, but that person’s survival depends on who was doing what. They find Lilith from the Horizon colony and watch her be liquified. Then they talk about the decision for which biotic will maintain the barrier against the swarm. Nick talks about losing Garrus at this juncture. Shepard gives a final speech and takes their favorite two squad mates to face off against a human reaper. After discussing the fight, they talk about the falling platforms and if anyone survives. They mention the final reveal that Harbinger is actually a Reaper (that was controlling a Collector), and Shepard has one more chance to make a patented running jump to board the Normandy.

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