Nick, Chip, and Kura are back this week to talk about visiting Illium. They point out that this is the earliest they could go there, as it only opens up after Horizon. After a brief interaction with Careena, an administrator present on behalf of Dr. Liara T’soni, Shepard learns that Liara has waived all docking fees and that slavery (well, indentured servitude) is permitted on Illium. Shepard enters the city proper and the guys compare Illium with Omega and the Citadel. Garrus points out that the city is a gilded version of Omega, and just as dangerous. They also talk about how indirect the layout is and how it lacks a central corridor.

They talk about a questline that involves encountering Shiala, the Asari who served as the voice of the Thorian back on Feros. She is green now, and the colonists at Zhu’s Hope are suffering after their time controlled by the Thorian. They have made a deal with Baria Frontiers to do some medical scans, but now Baria wants to do more invasive procedures, which the Colonists are against. Shepard has to talk to Erinya, the Baria vendor, to negotiate a better deal. Baria, after the death of her children, is explicitly racist against humans and must be dealt with as only Shepard can.

They then talk about running into an Asari who is a representative of the Rachni Queen. They talk about Sovereign’s role in instigating the Rachni war, and if the reaper had a direct hand in the Rachni Queen winding up in Noveria. They speculate if the Rachni’s song-based form of communication made them especially vulnerable to indoctrination.

Next, they run into Gianna Parasini, also last seen on Noveria. She’s back on an undercover mission and Shepard can help out (or not). Gianna might be getting a bit too friendly with Shepard, as she parts with a kiss on the cheek.

Finally, they head into Eternity, the bar on Illium. There, they find a Turian failing to woo a Quarian, and a multi-species bachelor party which leads to speculation about how Asari are able to enter relationships with so many relationships.

Next, they meet CONRAD F***ING VERNER! He’s back now acting like Shepard trying to stop a red sand dealer on Illium, except that red sand is legal on Illium. Shepard has words with the weapons dealer that started the whole situation, and Verner goes off to start the Shepards program for orphans.

Finally, they talk about Aetheya, the matriarch who is also the bartender and owner for Eternity. They talk about Asari as they age and also suggest that she may be more involved in the story than she appears.

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