Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back this week to talk about their somewhat-less-than-triumphant return to the Citadel after the momentous events of Virmire. After dropping off the Salarian special forces, the Council and Ambassador Udina strip Shepard of their Normandy privileges amidst a complete denial of everything Shepard has worked for thus far. The only bright spot comes when Anderson sends a message that he wants to meet in Flux. The squad talks about the frustrations of losing the Normandy and also the fact that neither the Council nor Udina have their back. They continue talking about Udina and his political manuevering and backstabbing. Nick ponders why they did not just go to Ilos.

Stuck on the Citadel, its time to do some side quests! Shepard meets up with Superfan Conrad Verner, who now wants to be a Spectre. Then they discuss Schells and his attempts at cheating in Flux. Kurabara has the most efficient way to get money from the scam, and this leads to a discussion of the economics of Mass Effect 1. Next, they meet Elias Keeler who is a drug-addicted negotiator which allows Shepard to show just how much of a prick the Commander can be. They also encounter Charles Saracino who is running for office with the Terra Firma party. Nick takes the opportunity to talk about a party bug that would crash the game on Virmire if you didn’t have the right party composition. They also discuss the Earthborn backstory that has Shepard meet Finch, who asks Shepard to intervene to get another gang member released from C-Sec. Kura raises issues with the C-Sec judicial system.

Nick chose to play the role of rich weapons smuggler and paid off the gang member, and that leads to a discussion about Shepard’s true role in the galaxy. Chip brings up the soldier backstory that has a questline where Shepard talks to their mother and Nick is surprised Shepard has parents. Next, they meet the Petrovsky’s who are having a dispute about how to handle an unborn baby with potential health issues. Kura talks about the Spacer backstory quest that he missed. They also discuss the Helena Blake quest that has you chase down two warring crime bosses. Shepard calls out her scheme but goes along with it anyway, and ultimately has to face her down.

Kura brings up the renegade and paragon system that leads to a discussion of how limiting it can feel.

Finally, they talk about a quest to help Dr. Michel get some blackmailers off her back. This leads to a quest that ties into the Admiral Kohaku Cerberus questline.

And then they return to the plot by meeting with Anderson, and facing the decision of sending Anderson to release the Normandy by using Udina’s computer (and decking the Ambassador) or by assaulting C-Sec and surviving. The Normandy flies off and on to Ilos!

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