Nick, Chip, and Kura are back to look at the contributions of Kaiden and Ashley, the two human party members, in Mass Effect in the ME Legendary Edition. First, they have a quick discussion about how they balance their parties when selecting members. Then, they get into talking about Kaiden, and how none of them are particularly interested in the character. They review his history as a biotic and participating in BAaT training, and how he had to kill his Turian instructor. They compare him to Carth Onasi from Star Wars: The Old Republic, also voiced by Rafael Sbarge, and how they are both unappreciated as party members. They talk about how he is awkward at flirting but comes on strong to FemShep and also expresses an attraction to Liara that Shepard quickly shuts down. Kura compares him to Ashley in that she is hot while he is cold, and Chip coins the nickname “Wonderbread.”

Next, they talk about Ashley and after initially dealing with the shock and guilt of Eden Prime, she then comes across as a space racist. They talk about her mistrust of the aliens and how she is talking about them in the same room as them. They also talk about her family history and how her grandfather was the only human to surrender to any aliens, and how that has caused her to be grounded and not serve in space. This is her first mission with aliens, and she learns from the experience. They talk about romancing her and how she is forthright with Shepard and and her love of poetry. This leads to a discussion about the technical requirements for producing a quality romance scene in a game like this. They also discuss Liara as a romance option and consider whether it is better to wait for options in later games.

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