Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back this week to continue their journey through Mass Effect 3. This week, they finish up the missions on the planet Rannoch, facing down a Reaper and deciding just how the Quarian-Geth conflict should end.

First, they talk about the reveal of the Reaper and their reactions. They wonder about how the reapers of different sizes are made, and consider why Reapers are made to look like their original race when they are then stuck in a shell. They talk about Shepard fighting the Reaper with a pistol, and then review the speed and mechanics of the fight. They mention the pointlessness of the railgun on the shuttle evading the Reaper, and then talk about the utility of the gatling gun early in the mission.

Next, they discuss Shepard’s conversation with the Reaper. They talk about how Harbinger has been mentioning Shepard by name. They discuss the difficulty or ease of killing various reapers, and then talk about the Reaper’s opinions of the Geth. They talk about the goals of the Reapers and evaluate how the Reapers interact with various “lesser” lifeforms. They bring up the renegade option of Shepard shooting the Reaper again. They consider the Reaper outlook that organics and synthetics fundamentally cannot get along.

Then, they talk about the various outcomes for the Geth-Quarian conflict. They discuss Legion’s sacrifice. They talk about Tali imagining building a home, and the romantic potential that implies for Shepard. Chip mentions the requirements for brokering a peace between the two factions. They discuss the outcome where Tali dies. They review the statistics for most selected outcomes. They talk about the situation where you have to kill Legion. They talk about Tali’s inability to call off the fleet in the Quarian destruction scenario. They reflect on hearing Tali’s voice without a filter, and her move back onto the Normandy and into engineering. They wonder about whether the outcome of individualizing the Geth means that we killed the Geth Consensus.

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Nick Zielenkievicz

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Chip Locke

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