Nick, Chip, and Kura are back to talk about the Mass Effect 2 loyalty missions. This week, they talk about the Thane and Garrus loyalty missions on the Citadel. But first they talk about some of the other goings on there.

They begin by discussing the Salarian game salesman and how he is a parody of Gamestop. Kurabara mentions a good deal he once got at Gamestop and they discuss our evolution of gaming habits and how that should project into 2184. Nick and Chip shill for Xbox Gamepass. They move on to talking about Khaleesa Al-Jilani and when its best to punch her. They also talk about gotcha journalism. The follow up on the two Krogans who want a fish from the Presidium.

Next, they talk about Thane’s loyalty mission. They talk about how Thane is responsible for Kolyat’s situation. They mention Bailey’s connection to Thane as they are both struggling fathers. Chip revels in Bailey’s first name being Armando. They talk about Mouse and what his existence suggests about life on the Citadel for the underclass. Chip asks for an Arkham-style game set on the Citadel. They talk about the potential of Bailey working for Cerberus. They also discuss how Bailey praises Thane’s prior work without knowing it. Nick speculates that Kolyat could join C-Sec. They talk about the corrupt politician Jorim Talid, and their thoughts on the mission to track him from the rafters. Nick asks about how they dealt with the kid in the rafters. They return to talking about Mouse and the Shepard VI. They conclude by talking about the efficacy of Thane’s loyalty mission.

Then they talk about Garrus’ loyalty mission and how this is also the return of Harkin. They agree that he does not deserve the name Fade. Nick talks about mistaking Harkin for Bailey initially. Chip shares that he let Fade die, while Kura did not. They talk about the decision for Garrus to kill Sidonis or not. Kura mentions that Sidonis is wracked with guilt. They talk about the Illiusive Man and how he’s thriving in the wake of Shepard’s actions. They talk about Garrus’ reaction to Sidonis and also Garrus’ thoughts on the mission.

Finally, they talk about an Asari that is stuck in C-Sec on a no fly list, and how Shepard can help with some forged documents.

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