Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to continue talking about their playthrough of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition! This week, they talk about their experience playing the Project Overlord DLC. First, they recap the story. Then, Kura mentions the World War II connections between the names Overlord and Normandy. Chip talks about how the mission affects your War Resources for Mass Effect 3. They talk about why you should do this after Firewalker, as it assumes you are familiar with the Hammerhead. Kura didn’t care for the directional arrow that was supposed to help while traveling around.

They talk about the horror elements of the game, including the weird AI screams and the eyes that track Shepard. They talk about how David and Gavin both have VI in their names. Nick goes into the Greek mythology behind he station names. They go over the mission at the Prometheus station and how the Geth are visible on your journey in so you know what you’ll have to face on the way back. Chip talks about how the concept of David being trapped in the machine is similar to Lawnmower Man. They consider the torture David was put through by his brother, and they evaluate how they handled David’s fate. They also talk about how when Shepard interacts with the VI, it is like the Matrix. The conclude by evaluating the value of the DLC.

Next, they talk about the Infected Mech questline, which Chip appreciated for the opportunity to endlessly kill mechs. They also talk about Robot Indoctrination.

They also talk about the MSV Estevanico mission and how Shepard should not be out on such a hazardous mission.

Finally, they talk about the Reaper indoctrination mining colony mission, and how it just leads to Shepard fighting more husks.

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