Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about their experiences playing through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week, they make a quick stop on Mars as they flee the Solar System after the Reapers invaded. But first, they wonder briefly about what a Mass Effect prequel game could look like. Then they talk about how they keep getting more and more data from the Prothean Ruins.

After a recap of events, the guys talk about getting a chance to have Kaiden or Ashley join up with Liara for a Mass Effect 1 reunion. Then they talk about Liara as a stone cold killer who’s been hardened and likes killing Cerberus as she has been running up against the Illusive Man. Kura wonders where these troops were when we were with Cerberus. They consider Kaiden or Ashley’s mistrust of Shepard. They talk about how obvious it was that Dr. Eva was sabotaging the facility. Kura points out the brutality of Cerberus. They talk about Cerberus’ lack of morals as compared to Shepard (even renegade Shepard). Chip talks about the atmosphere of the base with the lights off. They discus how the combat feels in Mass Effect 3. Chip likes it with more open environments. Nick points out the opportunities to turn the tables on Cerberus. Kura mentions that the shield troops are annoying.

Next, they discuss how Hackett knew Liara was the Shadow Broker, and they evaluate Liara’s abilities as Shadow Broker. They consider the potential of a Mass Effect game set after a Reaper victory, where you are a lone colony left to begin reorganizing the universe. Liara wonders about these being the last days. They talk about Shepard’s confrontation with the Illusive Man and wonder about his super agent. They talk about the Illusive Man being angry about Shepard and Kura wonders if the Reapers got to the Illusive Man already. Nick comments that the Prothean Artifact looks like a PS4.

They talk about James crashing the shuttle and wonder if he has a deathwish. They discuss Dr. Eva’s manhandling of Kaiden or Ashley. Nick compares his interactions with Kaiden to his interactions with Ashley as a love interest. They talk about the Prothean blueprint that was discovered. Chip notes it is a macguffin. They wonder if the Reaper IFF is still aboard the Normandy.

Finally, they talk about an email that Shepard gets about Rana Thanoptis who was indoctrinated and killed some Asari generals.

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